Description of the project

The Eco-Hiking Europe project has been approved by EU and will be completely financed by EU. Applicant organization is the Czech school and it will be in charge of it with help of partner schools.

The core of the project are 5 international workshops. Each will take place in each hosting country/partner. Workshops are designed as hiking expeditions in ecologically or environmentally important areas. Each workshop will take 5 working days, most of which will take place in the outdoors. 1 day will usually be spent at schools in order to process gathered information and material. Each workshop will also result in certain products, some are mutual and some unique to each partner. Participants will be chosen by each partner separately. Ultimately, minimum of 4 students an 1 teacher has to participate from each school. However, if financing allows, the more the better. Principal aim of the project is to show European nature and its wide range of types to as many students as possible and create material to share with general public.

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