Workshops and mobilities 

Transnational meeting, 10-12 OCT 2016, Romania 

The initial meeting of coordinators and their assistants. Here we will set up dates, calendar for the project, discuss products, distribute responsibilities and suggest detailed programmes of all workshops in each country. Big thanks to Luminita for hosting the meeting...

Windswept palm trees of VAI and marine nature, 28 Nov - 3 Dec 2016, Crete, Greece (C1)

The first mobility of students and teachers from all partner institutions. The whole group will do a lot of hiking in Crete, specifically in SItia region. Such places as VAI palm forest, Sitia geopark, Rihtis and Zakros gorges will be hiked, and Toplou monastery visited. Participants will also get first-hand experience with process of olive oil making. The whole mobility will be finished in the city of Heraklion and its superb Minoan palace museum.

Plants and herbs of Portuguese mountains, 24-28 April 2017 (C2)

The second mobility will take place in Covilha and surrounding mountains. First 2 days will be spent hiking in the Serra de Estrela mountains. We will climb the highest mountain in the continental Portugal. We will spend 2 nights in hostel up in the mountains. The next 3 days we will stay in Covilha, and learn about plants and herbs and its use in medicine and health treatment. We will also visit typical villages, cheese farm and more...(see program attached). Again, photo documentation for our Photobook will be created as well as a short film: How we hiked in Portugal...

Lakes, forests and the true north of Finland, September 11-15 2017 (C3)

Hands-on new nature trails in the Czech's nature reserves, October 2017 (C4)

Waterworld, birds and nature of Romania's Danube Delta, April 2018 (C5)

Eco-Hiking Europe Final Exhibition, Czech Republic, September 2018